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Chris Murray


Marketing Director

DarkFiber Designs

Dark Fiber Designs is a creative consulting agency.

Welcome and thank you for visiting the site. I'm Chris Murray and this is Dark Fiber Designs, a creative consulting agency that help brands tell their story through design and marketing tools. I explore all possibilities and help you develop a brand strategy for the digital age.
I have been drawing most my life and am passionate about art and design. I nerd out thinking and talking about it. I believe artist are born and nothing beats a good strong conceptual design. If you're looking for an artist that values the details, drop me a line.
Explore the site and discover what you like. It's important you know the designer you're hiring on a personal level. If you love my work and feel I'd be a good fit for you then I'd love to hear from you! I promise to work hard for your brand.



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