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Welcome to Law Enforcement IT (LEIT)!

Law Enforcement IT was designed with Information Technology collaboration in mind.

Our team is composed of individuals with decades of experience in the IT and Business industry in multiple sectors like the US Military, DOD, State and Federal Government, Law Enforcement, Research and Development, Construction, and many other areas of Corporate America.

Our goals are simple

Create a free, secure and trustworthy platform where our members can join with other like minded individuals and share their experiences and collaborate with groups to get the mission done.

Law Enforcement IT provides resources readily available on our site to help them find solutions, products and vendor contacts information to reduce wasted time and get answers quickly. We know the pains of limited budgets, personnel and time constraints. We have been there so we know what you are up against.

For our Vendors Law Enforcement IT provides a free plan and four optional paid plans to market their solutions, products, and services. Each plan has their own unique benefits and allows members to view a vendors profile.

Join us as we continue to expand and provide our Law Enforcement IT professionals with the tools they need to get the job done.

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