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Made with Law Enforcement technical needs in mind

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Security - Your privacy is our number one priority, we understand that you don't need to add more to your already complicated job. We want to make your experience here as valuable, peaceful, and enjoyable as possible. We strive to protect your information, that's why we made our site for Law Enforcement IT professionals only.

  • Ways we validate our members

    • We verify your account by validating the information provided during registration

    • We contact your agency and verify that you are a current employee

    • We also evaluate complaints from our members on misuse of site permissions, any accounts that are reported will be investigated and revalidated

Connect - Join any group that best interest you and connect others with the same interests.

Share - Want to share something that you think could be of help to your fellow LE IT professionals? Share it in one of our forums, or groups.

Find Answers - Find answers to Law Enforcement technical related issues and questions.

Build - Be a part of building a better LE IT community to better serve our citizens and LE agencies.

Vendor Directory - Each member has access to the list of state, regional, and territory vendors.

Discounts -  (Coming Soon) Receive preferred discounts from our list of vendors on hardware, services, solutions, and much more.

Stay Informed -  On the latest LE tech trends, solutions, and services for your agency.


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